Cleaning up without getting cleared out

I’ve made some compromises in how I shop for household cleaning products. I remain loyal to my favorite brands like Bon-Ami. There are times, though, when I shop for all cleaning products at a 99 cent store so that there will be a little extra money for a much needed treat or to save for a utility bill.

This past winter New Utrecht Avenue has been my main venue for 99 cent store shopping. Here are some of the great buys I got. The products do a satisfactory job and I won’t hesitate to buy them again.

For 99 cents these soap pads by Dura Blu do a fairly good job. I extend the life of the pad by adding a little dishwashing liquid to it when the scouring powder in them begins to diminish.

The glass cleaner by Home Select and surface cleaner by First Force are on the mild side but at 99 cents each they are good enough to consider buying. There is no heavy ammonia odor and I don’t have any irritation to my eyes or nose when using these spray bottles. Since all the surfaces and tiles in my apartment are old I’m fine with the results from using these cleaning products. I can’t see the point of spending more money than I have to. No matter how expensive the product it won’t make what is old new so I’m fine with just getting the stove, countertops, tile and bathroom clean.

These finds came from: Chen’s Discount Store, New Utrecht Avenue between 54th and 55th Streets, Boro Park, Brooklyn.


Please note: I’m not affiliated with any store or manufacturer.