Pillows and Kitchen Towels–good buys in Dyker Heights

I’ve been looking for a new pillow for a long time but have refrained from the $12.99-$21.99 price range I see in some outlets and discount stores. Since Jembro at the Fairmont Mini-Mall has closed I now have to go further along 13th Avenue or New Utrecht Avenue in pursuit of a good bargain.

This past Saturday was the first real Spring-like day and it was very enjoyable going up 13th Avenue towards Dyker Heights. When I came to The Emmanuel Gift Shop on 13th Avenue at the corner of Bay Ridge Avenue I decided to stop and look at the offerings outside the store. The colorful pillows were the first thing that attracted me. When I saw the $4.99 price sticker on the wrapping I knew I had my new pillow. At last happy nap time and sleep time were ahead.

Inside the store is a delightful combination of variety store, gift shop and 99 cents store. The assortment of merchandise is well arranged and the young woman at the register is very personalble, helpful and cheerful.

I also found the kind of kitchen towels I’ve been looking for. These 100% cotton towels by Cotton Valley have pretty machine embroidery that I like very much. The price was $1.69 for each towel.

Emanuel Gift Shop also has a very pretty selection of greeting cards along with seasonal merchandise. I came out satisfied not only with my purchases but with the excellent customer service and attention I received here.

Emmanuel Gift Shop, 6816 13th Avenue at the corner of Bay Ridge Avenue in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, New York.


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Budgeting for gifts and their wrappings, cards and bows

When I’m shopping for a special gift I sometimes buy the wrapping paper or gift bag, along with the card and bow, at a 99 cents store. This way I’ll have more money for what is most important–the gift.

For example, I was invited to a family friend’s birthday bash and wanted to get him a bottle of Campari, an Italian Apertif. I managed to keep everything below the budgeted amount of $30 because I bought the gift bag and greeting cards at a 99 cents store.

If I had gone to a gift shop or Hallmark Card Shop the gift bag alone would have cost $3.00 and the cards another $2.50 to $3.00 each.

What prompted me to go to the 99 cents store for the gift wrap and cards was seeing a pretty birthday card by Papyrus that cost $6.99. I just was not going to spend a little less than 1/3 the price of the gift on a greeting card so I put the card back and thought about it no more.

These gift cards and bag came from Chen’s Discount Store on New Utrecht Avenue between 54th and 55th Streets, Boro Park, Brooklyn. Almost every 99 cent store in the area has a small selection of cards for different occasions, as well as gift bags, bows and tissue paper. I recommend using a gift bag when you can’t find a gift box. You’ll have extra money left to buy the present without spending too much on things that eventually get tossed like the box and bag. Some people save their greeting cards to an album but what will be most important is the gift itself. I think that in the end, that is the most important part of the purchase. Saving money on the wrapping and card will help you have more cash available for a gift for that special person.


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Pocket Mirrors for Little Girls (and Big Girls, too)

I love to have little trinkets to attach to the belt loops on my jeans. Sometimes I also put cute key chains or baubles on my totebag or shoulderbag. This little pocket mirror appealed to me because I can use it in these ways.

The comb is pretty good, too. I tried it out already and it doesn’t pull my hair.

The little mirror also is a plus when I need to take a quick look and see if I need to put on more lip gloss or fix my eye-makeup. That little irregularity you see in the photo above is not the mirror–it’s the plaster peeling on the kitchen ceiling.

I originally bought this as part of a goody bag for a co-worker’s daughter. I decided to keep this little goody for myself and will get another one for the daughter of my co-worker soon.

At 99 cents it’s a good buy for little girls and big girls who love cute and pretty.

I bought this at Chen’s Discount Store on New Utrecht Avenue between 54th and 55th Streets in Boro Park, Brooklyn.


Note: I’m not affiliated with any store or manufacturer.

Refrigerator Magnets aren’t just for the fridge–they’re great 1:6 scale props for doll photos

I love miniature objects like ReMents but have not indulged my love of these little collectibles for many years. Mostly because of the increased prices in postage and the ReMents. I already have a sufficient amount to use when creating dioramas or taking photos of my teenage fashion dolls. But every so often I do like to add a new object to the mix so that the displays or photos don’t get boring.

Last week I came upon these cute refrigerator magnets by Telly Good. When I came home I started putting them on the display shelf with my Barbies and other fashion dolls. They worked rather well. While they don’t have the fine detail as ReMents I’m delighted to have gotten these anyway. They add a nice touch to the display shelf and the little world my dolls live in.

They also look super cute on the fridge, too.

These magnets came from D&D Variety Store, 11th Avenue near 64th Street in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. The price for each magnet was about $1.29.


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Old School home style mani/pedi, eyebrow grooming, hair styling and a box of tissues

I use a lot of tissues when giving myself a manicure/pedicure or when tweezing my eyebrows. I’ve started buying Daisy and Sofitel tissues in order to have an adequate supply of this needed product. At 99 cents a box I’m very pleased with the purchases.

I like to use the Daisy brand in the kitchen and think that the packaging is what attracts me each time. I really like the illustrations on their packaging. The Sofitel tissues aren’t as soft as the Daisy brand but hold up well when it’s allergy or cold season.

I continue to take back my nail and body care. So far I’ve gone over 4 weeks without a salon mani-pedi because daily maintenance is working out very well. I recently bought a cuticle nipper for my toenails. I use this very cautiously and it’s a little tricky to handle but so far I’m doing well. For a $1.99 it was a good buy.

For a $1.29 I got two nifty eyebrow grooming brushes similar to the ones I’ve seen at the nail salons I go to. I’m not quite sure what the spiral brush is used for but I’m sure I’ll find out after doing a search on google.

These purchases all came from Chen’s Discount Store on New Utrecht Avenue between 54th and 55th Streets in Boro Park, Brooklyn.

And in keeping with my New Year’s resolution to take back my haircare and styling, I bought rollers at Big City 99 Cent store on 4th Avenue near 56th Street in Sunset Park for 99 cents. After blow drying my hair until it is slightly damp, I use the curlers and let my hair air dry while having breakfast or puttering around the apartment. When dry I brush my hair into a ponytail, use a colorful band or clip and I’m ready to go.


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Cleaning up without getting cleared out

I’ve made some compromises in how I shop for household cleaning products. I remain loyal to my favorite brands like Bon-Ami. There are times, though, when I shop for all cleaning products at a 99 cent store so that there will be a little extra money for a much needed treat or to save for a utility bill.

This past winter New Utrecht Avenue has been my main venue for 99 cent store shopping. Here are some of the great buys I got. The products do a satisfactory job and I won’t hesitate to buy them again.

For 99 cents these soap pads by Dura Blu do a fairly good job. I extend the life of the pad by adding a little dishwashing liquid to it when the scouring powder in them begins to diminish.

The glass cleaner by Home Select and surface cleaner by First Force are on the mild side but at 99 cents each they are good enough to consider buying. There is no heavy ammonia odor and I don’t have any irritation to my eyes or nose when using these spray bottles. Since all the surfaces and tiles in my apartment are old I’m fine with the results from using these cleaning products. I can’t see the point of spending more money than I have to. No matter how expensive the product it won’t make what is old new so I’m fine with just getting the stove, countertops, tile and bathroom clean.

These finds came from: Chen’s Discount Store, New Utrecht Avenue between 54th and 55th Streets, Boro Park, Brooklyn.


Please note: I’m not affiliated with any store or manufacturer.

Weekly Supermarket Circulars are a Bargain Hunter’s Best Friend

It’s still chilly outside and not as warm as I’d like it to be. My bargain shopping has been limited to the immediate neighborhoods. Since I haven’t been able to freely walk around my favorite shopping areas, I’ve relied many times on the weekly circulars from Pathmark in Boro Park and Scatturo in Dyker Heights.

Many homes in Sunset Park and Boro Park have taken to displaying signs on their gates that request anyone distributing circulars refrain from leaving them on the property where such a sign is displayed.

I agree it can look a little untidy. I have seen some front stoops that look awful with the circulars scattered all over after they have been removed from the plastic baggy in which they are placed.

I’m glad my landlord actually takes an interest in the circulars. Since I’m unable to do much shopping during the workweek, these circulars are a welcome guide to what is on sale. I’m a little old fashioned but I prefer actually reading the circular over a cup of tea rather than navigating a website. After working all day on a laptop I can’t wait to shut it off.

I recently had some super buys thanks to the circulars for Pathmark and Scatturo. Here are my finds. When you see the prices I’m sure you’ll reconsider the value of the weekly circulars put out by the supermarkets.

I love corn muffins for breakfast with some fruit jam, a fresh orange, and a good cup of Chock Full O’Nuts coffee. Scatturo and Pathmark usually sell my favorite brand, Jiffy, for about 69-85 cents a box. If the Jiffy muffin mix gets too close to 89 cents a box I look for the store brands. I did very well recently. Pathmark had the America’s Choice Corn Muffin mix for 44 cents a box and Scatturo had the White Rose brand on sale for 59 cents a box. I bought about 5 boxes each. I find a corn muffin more satisfying than toast or a croissant.

Name brand paper products get too pricey for my budget but when I saw that Pathmark had 20 rolls of the Marcal Small Steps toilet tissue on sale for $9.99 I bought a pack. I was very happy with my purchase and the quality I associate with Marcal products. The only issue I had is that the package is so big I had no place to put it. It’s stuffed inside the clothes closet at this time.

Not to be outdone Scatturo offered 8 large rolls of Bounty paper towels for much lower than the $8.00 I would have spent buying 8 rolls of Sparkle paper towels from the local 99 cent stores. I don’t remember what I paid because it’s been a few weeks, but I’m sure the price was $5.99

The weekly circulars for Pathmark and Scatturo are available from each store every Thursday. I think it’s a good way to focus on where to shop when time is limited and weather does not permit a leisurely afternoon out in search of a bargain.

Pathmark at the Fairmont Mini-Mall
61st Street near 13th Avenue
Boro Park, Brooklyn

11th Avenue near 63rd Street
Dyker Heights, Brooklyn


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