Maintaining a Mani-Pedi and Waxing between Salon visits

I’ve found another way to extend a manicure and waxing is to take back the maintenance between salon visits. When an eyebrow waxing was $5 and a mani-pedi $15 I would treat myself to a combined treatment every 2-3 weeks. This led me to become very lax about taking care of my nails and own waxing between visits. With prices for this same combo going to almost $25-30 at some neighborhood nail salons I’ve decided to challenge myself and see how long I can go between visits.

I managed to buy some basic grooming aids at local 99 cent stores that are working out very well. The most I’ve spent has been on a cuticle cream by Sally Hanson. The total outlay for everything has been much less than one visit to the nail salon and I’m quite satisfied so far with the results.

Glitter Nail Files by Pride from Chen’s Discount Store, 55th Street at New Utrecht Avenue, 99 cents. Cuticle eraser and balm by Sally Hanson, about $9.00 at Pathmark at the Fairmont Mini Mall, 60th Street and 13th Avenue.

Along with the other nailcare products I bought at local 99 cent stores, the Glitter Nail Files were a good choice. They aren’t as rough as a regular emery board making them good for use at any time, even every day or so. The glitter side is more ornamental and has little filing ability but I like these all the same. There is something very appealing about the sparkly aspect to using them.

Which cuticle cream to use is a matter of personal choice, but whatever you choose use it daily and push back the cuticles with an orange stick. You can use it to maintain a pedicure as well to prevent rough edges around the toes.

Lucky Grand, Lubricaing Moisutrizing Hand Lotion, Pathmark at the Fairmont Mini Mall, 60th Street and 13th Avenue, 99 cents.

The Lucky Brand hand and body lotions are now going for $1.29-$1.49 at some local 99 cent stores. Pathmark Supermarket at the Fairmont Mini Mall has a 99 cents section with a good selection of these lotions. I use the lotion after each time I wash my hands to keep the skin from drying out. This, along with using the cuticle cream every day, has gone a long way to extend the life of my mani-pedi.

This manicure is almost three weeks old.

I’m very happy to report that taking the extra time out to attend to these little parts of my personal grooming routine has yielded good resuls. Considering the amount of hand sewing and crafting I do, the manicure you see still looks good even though it’s almost three weeks old.

Eyebrow Tweezer by Meer, D&D Variety Store, 11th Avenue near 64th Street, $1.49. Beauty scissor by Beauty Goods, JJ Discount Store, 11th Avenue near 64th Street, $1.00.

The next part of my beauty care I intend to reclaim is eyebrow grooming. In between waxings I’ll tweeze out any strays and trim them the way I’ve seen the technicians at the nail salon do.

If my plans work out I should be able to manage on one visit to the salon every 4-5 weeks instead of going every 2-3 weeks. I will post about results in the future.


Please note: I am not affiliated with any store or manufacturer.