Doing the laundry

This past Saturday was not as damp and cold as previous weeks. I had a chance to spend more time bargain hunting. I didn’t have any particular neighborhood targeted and no list of things I immediately needed. Which made the finds even better because the discoveries saved me at least $3 compared to what I would have spent on laundry detergent.

Roma Laundry Detergent, 99 cents at Chen’s Discount Store, New Utrecht Avenue at 55th Street.

I’ve been very disappointed by the results of name brand liquid laundry detergents. The labels all proclaim that the product is super concentrated, super strength and has superior cleaning ability. These claims come along with prices of $3-7.00 for some brands, a price I find is difficult to pay when results are so mediocre. Whether I use hot, lukewarm or cold water the results are the same–my clothes do not come out fluffy and bright but dry flat and dull.

I decided to buy the Roma laundry detergent for 99 cents. The clothes were pre-treated with a non-cholrine bleach this time and then soaked in the Roma laundry detergent. There were lots of suds and when the towels had dried they definitely looked and felt much cleaner. According to the packaging Roma is bio-degradable and does not contain any phosphates. I will definitely buy this product again.

Doing the laundry has become a daily activity for me since I’m washing everything except blankets and large towels by hand. Then everything on a rack in the tub. This is a little time consuming but I persevere. By doing so I save about $10-15 a week instead of spending that much money at a laundromat.

In one of my next postings I will present other great laundry supplies available at 99 cent stores.

Please note: I am not affiliated with any store or manufacturer.