Ponytails and manicures

Last Saturday I had several errands that took me back to Dyker Heights. I had some time to get a manicure and pedicure which was a special treat but won’t be something I’m going to do as often as I used to.

There are still some nail salons in Sunset Park where a basic mani-pedi still costs $15.00 but the going price at many Dyker Heights nail salons is now $18.99.

I decided that one of the best way to get by between manicures and haircuts is to take good care of my hair and nails at home.

Just Basic Ponytail Holders. Price: $1.19

At the No. 1 Discount Store on 72nd Street and 13th Avenue, I got these bright ponytail bands that I’ll use to pull my hair back as it grows out of a short haircut.

Bath Body Deluxe Beauty Set. Price: $1.99

I also bought the Bath Body Deluxe Beauty Set since I need to do more work between pedicures on my own. Very few salons are using the razor anymore so I will scrape away dry, rough skin myself. There are salons that have a special exfoliant gel that they will use in combination with a pumice stone to scrape away dry skin. But at the cost of an extra $3.00 it will bring the cost of the mani-pedi plus tip to a total of around $25. I’ve decided to keep that extra money in my purse.

Pride 3 Pack Nail Brushes. Price: $1.19

I also bought these nail brushes that are just right for when I start using a cuticle remover cream.

I figure that by doing a little more maintenance I can extend the time between a mani-pedi to about 4 weeks. And as far as hair styling goes, I’m going to see how long I can go between visits to a professional. Hair coloring, conditioners and root touch-up kits are new items on my bargain hunting list.

The continuing cold weather and storm watches over the past month have curtailed my bargain hunting expeditions. I cannot wait for the warner weather so I can get out again on weekends and continue my bargain hunting.

Please note I am not affiliated with any store or manufacturer.