Gift Shopping at the Supermarket

I found one way to beat the high cost of buying gifts.  Instead of shopping at Hallmark or Card & Gift shops, I go to the supermarket.  Right after Christmas 2012 there were price reductions on many high quality cookies.  I knew that my coworker, who celebrated her birthday in early January, loves chocolates.  So I got her a box of LU’s Petite Ecolier biscuits during the sale at my local Pathmark Supermarket.

To better add to the impression that this was a gift, I bought a small gift bag at Jembro.  The Wonderland Card Shop on 11th Avenue and 65th Street still sells a nice range of Hallmark cards for 99 cents. I worked toward color coordinating all elements of the gift bag and that worked out very well.

At Chen’s Discount Store on New Utrecht Avenue and 55th Street I found a birthday cake candle to add to the gift bag.

The total combined for all items was way under what I would have spent had I decided to go with the higher priced boxes of chocolates at Wonderland Gift Shop.  It takes a little more time to shop like this but the challenge of putting it all together can be very enjoyable if one keeps an open approach.

Note:  I am not affiliated with any manufacturer or store.