Sunset Park: Shopping on Fifth Avenue between 40th to 59th Streets

In September 2012 I had put aside about $75 for new clothes for Autumn through early Winter.  At first I went shopping at Aeropostale’s website but when I saw that for almost $60 all I had was one pair of jeans, a shirt and a hoodie I decided to shop around Fifth Avenue in Sunset Park instead.  I needed more than one outfit and wanted to get the most for my money.

I did better than I expected.  Fifth Avenue between 40th through 59th Streets has many local retailers that offer an ever changing array of garments, often at very reasonable prices.  Here are the results of my very busy Saturday after shopping the post Labor Day sales.

Detail of back pocket of low rider jeans.  Price:  $9.99

Front pocket detail of jeans shown above.

Back pocket detail of another pair of jeans.  Price:  $9.99

Belts for the jeans.  Price:  $1.99 each

Knit tops to layer under sweatshirts.  Price:  $5.00 each.

Nirvana sweatshirt.  Price:  $8.99

Ramones sweat shirt.  Price:  $8.99

Accessories from 99 cents store.  Bracelets $1.99 each.

Hairclips and brush from 99 cents store.  Price:  99 cents each.

A photo of me in my new clothes during a very busy and dizzy day. There’s never enough time for everything I want to do!