Sunset Park Shopping: Mia Mia Plaid Blouse with Belt

Blouse by Mia Mia.

I love the adaptability of this blouse from Mia Mia.  This is one of the better stretch woven blouses I’ve bought.  It launders and presses very well.  The fabric has not weakened and exhibited the perpetually wrinkled and sagging look that most stretch wovens undergo after many wearings.

Label inside of blouse:  Mia Mia

In addition to wearing these blouses in the spring, I’ve paired them with black or brown turtleneck tops during the winter.   I often wear these combos over black pants to work and am assured of looking casual and neat on any busy day.

Each blouse has rhinestone-like buttons.

The belt and rhinestone-like buttons add the perfect touch to the blouse and get many compliments.

The blouse works well layered over a black or brown turtleneck top.

I bought these blouses last year at Pink & Blue on Fifth Avenue in Sunset Park.  Recently they are appearing again in different stores here and there on Fifth Avenue between 40th through 59th Streets.  The price of $5 each has not changed.

I highly recommend that you buy one if you like the style.  It will do well by you for any season, any year.

Note:  I am not affiliated with any manufacturer or retail store.


Sunset Park: Shopping on Fifth Avenue between 40th to 59th Streets

In September 2012 I had put aside about $75 for new clothes for Autumn through early Winter.  At first I went shopping at Aeropostale’s website but when I saw that for almost $60 all I had was one pair of jeans, a shirt and a hoodie I decided to shop around Fifth Avenue in Sunset Park instead.  I needed more than one outfit and wanted to get the most for my money.

I did better than I expected.  Fifth Avenue between 40th through 59th Streets has many local retailers that offer an ever changing array of garments, often at very reasonable prices.  Here are the results of my very busy Saturday after shopping the post Labor Day sales.

Detail of back pocket of low rider jeans.  Price:  $9.99

Front pocket detail of jeans shown above.

Back pocket detail of another pair of jeans.  Price:  $9.99

Belts for the jeans.  Price:  $1.99 each

Knit tops to layer under sweatshirts.  Price:  $5.00 each.

Nirvana sweatshirt.  Price:  $8.99

Ramones sweat shirt.  Price:  $8.99

Accessories from 99 cents store.  Bracelets $1.99 each.

Hairclips and brush from 99 cents store.  Price:  99 cents each.

A photo of me in my new clothes during a very busy and dizzy day. There’s never enough time for everything I want to do!

Boro Park: Jembro at the Fairmont Mini Mall

Important Note added August 13th 2013: Jembro closed its store at the Fairmont Mini-Mall in the Spring of this year. As of this date the space has not been rented.

The Fairmont Mini Mall has been hit hard by the Great Recession.  Just last week the Fashion Bug closed.  This leaves the Polish-Slavic Federal Credit Union, the Application Processing Center (a government office for immigration related issues) and Jembro.

Many days I’m not motivated to go to the Mini Mall but a few weeks ago I decided to go in after seeing signs in the window announcing sales at Jembro.

I was not sorry I went!  Which goes to prove keeping an open mind while out bargain hunting is very important.  You never know what you can find and you never know where you’ll find it.

Blouse by Uniti Casuals.

Label inside of blouse:  Uniti Casuals.

Price tag inside of blouse:  $4.88.  I was definitely going to buy this.

Cowl necked top also from Jembro.  It was also priced at $4.88.

Label inside the cowl necked top:  Uniti Stretch.

I purchased the top and the blouse and then went through my accessories that will go with either piece.

Pocketbook from Payless Shoe Source.  Bangles from a 99 cent store.

I’d bought a pocketbook last summer at the Boro Park Payless for under $15.  I’m going to pair it with some black, white and silver bangle bracelets when I wear either the Uniti blouse or cowl neck top.