Beauty on a Budget-Spring into Summer 2017

Spring is finally here and with the changing of the seasons comes the need to change one’s skin care routine. In this posting I’ll share how I do that and manage to stay within the target range I plan to spend on each item. That targeted price is never to go above $5 per item whenever possible. I achieve this by looking for store brands with comparable or the same ingredients. If I am shopping at 99 cent stores then purchasing a store brand is not possible but I look for products by the same manufacturer whose products I have used in the past and which peformed well.


Rite-Aid’s daylogic cleansing cream and astringent.

As the weather gets warmer my skin produces more oil. Especially on hot and humid days, a rich cleansing cream and moisturizer prove unnecessary. I have always done well with Noxema medicated cleansing cream and Sea Breeze astringent during the hot weather. Both reduce the oil and deep clean my skin without resulting dryness. I attribute this to the camphor and eucalyptus oil in these brand name products. Since they are not always available on sale at Rite-Aid Pharmacy, I look for the daylogic brand distributed by Rite-Aid. The daylogic deep cleansing cream has the same ingredients as Noxema while the daylogic astringent has similar ingredients to Sea Breeze, including that important euclapytus oil and camphor. With the Rite-Aid membership card you can save even more money when the daylogic products are on sale. The regular price for the daylogic Deep Cleasning skin cream is $4.59 and the daylogic Deep Cleasing Astringent is $4.49.


Delta Brand’s Lucky Aloe Vera Sun Gel.

During the hot weather, the skin on my legs, arms and torso does not absorb a creamy lotion as quickly as it does in the winter. It is very important to keep the skin supple and moisturized during the summer months. Drinking lots of water helps from within and applying a lotion or gel on the skin’s surface does the work from the outside. But what kind of lotion or gel should you use? I have found an unexpected answer in Delta Brand’s  “Lucky Sea ‘n’ Sun Aloe After Sun Gel”. The green gel is very lightweight and quickly absorbed after a hot bath or shower. I find that it works very well even on skin that is not tanned. This product contains Aloe Vera juice and glycerin but no alcohol. I bought this product at Deal 99 cents and Up in Bay Ridge for $1.49.


Delta Brand’s Lucky Citrus scented Kitchen Anti-Bacterial Liquid Hand Soap.


Delta Brand’s Lucky Daily Moisturizing Lotion.

Hand care in the summer months may require a change in products as well. I use Anti-Bacterial Hand Soaps year round but find that a lighter version works better for me in the summer months. Delta Brands makes a line of anti-bacterial hand soaps that are pleasantly scented and do not dry the hands. I prefer their citrus scented hand soap which is labeled as a “kitchen citrus” but I find it works good for all-around use. After hand washing I follow up with Delta’s Lucky Daily Moisturizing Lotion that contains colloidal oatmeal derived from oat kernel flour. The lotion is of a medium consistency and quickly absorbs into the hands. I find both products work well together. I bought both at Deal 99 cents and Up Store in Bay Ridge. The lotion is $1.29 a bottle and the soap is sometimes on sale for 99 cents but usually sells for $1 or $1.19 a bottle.

I hope you will get some ideas for the challenges of treating combination skin during the spring and summer months. It is possible to do so while staying within a budgeted amount if you’re willing to devote some extra time to comparison shop, as well as trying out different products.

I bought the products at these stores in Bay Ridge:

daylogic deep cleasing cream and astringent at
Rite-Aid Pharmacy, 7118 Third Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.

Delta Brand’s Lucky Sea ‘n’ Sun Aloe After Sun Gel, Lucky Kitchen Citrus Anti-bacterial Hand Soap and Lucky Daily Moisturizing Lotion at
Deal 99 cents and Up, 7019 Third Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY.


Note: I do not receive any payment in cash or kind for writing about the products featured in this blog. The postings are intended to be informational. Should you have serious skin problems please consult a dermatologist before beginning any kind of a skin care regimen.







Beauty on a Budget for March 2017

Although tomorrow is the first day of Spring 2017, winter is still hanging on here in Brooklyn, New York.  We were hit with very heavy snow fall during a Nor’easter two weeks ago.  Since then the streets are clear but piles of hardened snow and ice remain.  It is cold and damp so my outings in search of bargains are still limited to the immediate neighborhood.


I happened upon Personal Care’s Deep Cleansing Skin Cream while out on Third Avenue in Bay Ridge this past Saturday.  As the seasons change, so does my personal care regimen.  In the deep of winter I often use only cold cream to remove my make-up and clean my face.  As Spring nears I do not need such heavy moisturizing.  I sometimes use Noxema to clean my face during the Summer but I do not buy it on a regular basis because the price is too high for a chain drug store product.  I was very pleased to come upon Personal Care’s version of Noxema.  It contains camphor, menthol and eucalyptus oils but in smaller quantities.  There is also soybean oil to give this cream a light and moisturizing consistency.  My skin was not irritated when I used this product and so far I am very pleased with how clean my face feels after washing with it.



I wanted to find a rich, creamy bar of bath soap that provides an alternative to Dove which is not over $1 a bar.  Silk Route Beauty Products makes a packet of 3 bath sized soaps that is available in my neighborhood for $1.19.  The soap, according to the label, does not contain any fragrances containing alcohol nor animal fats.  It is rich in milk cream and promises an luxury bathing experience.  I decided to give it a try.  I figured if I didn’t care that much for it I would use the bars of soap to hand wash my lingerie.  This morning I opened a bar and was very pleased with the floral fragrance and the rich lather.  My skin was smooth after the bath without any tautness or dryness.  Plus the rich purple color is very appealing when the soap is placed in a pure white soap dish.


For days when I need an extra treat I bought Perfect Purity brand’s Sweet Pea Blossom Body Wash.  The light fragrance is indeed sweet but not cloying.  It reminds me of the perfumes that were sold for little girls when I was growing up.  The Sweet Pea Blossom layers well with the Midnight Orchid bath soap.  I find it an uplifting little treat at the start or end of the day.  By the time the warmer weather comes I will be in a spring time mode already with all thoughts of winter already in the past.

The products featured in this posting are available at Deal 99 cents and up in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.  The prices I paid are very reasonable and the quality more than I expected.

3-bar pack of Silk Midnight Orchid Soap….$1.19

Personal Care deep cleansing Skin Cream…$1.19

Perfect Purity’s Sweet Peal Blossom Body Wash…$1.29

Store Information:  Deal 99 cents and Up, 7109 Third Avenue, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.

Note:  This posting is for informational purposes only.  I do not receive any payment from the stores or from the manufacturers of products I write about.






Winter time skin care on a budget


It is now February of 2017 and it has been a long and trying winter.  Rain and heavy snowfall have limited my weekend outings.  I decided to indulge in some old school beauty routines that made the long evenings indoors more enjoyable.


A leisurely, hot bath is made even more pleasant by addition of a fragrant bath foam product.  I enjoyed the light scent of Percara’s Cucumber and Aloe Bath Foam.  It makes lots and lots of bubbles and left my skin very soft.  I used Dove soap along with the bath foam and found the scents did not clash.  To keep my skin adequately moisturized I used Express Hydration Body Lotion by Nivea after my bath.  I have continued to use this combination of products since mid-January and my skin has remained soft throughout the cold and damp weather.


It is not always true that one has to spend an extravagant amount of money to find a good moisturizer.  I have found the line of anti-aging and anti-wrinkle skin creams made by U (Universal Distribution Center) just right.  My skin is sensitive so I stick to products I can trust.  All of U’s creams have the same base that contains glycerin, collagen, as well as Vitamins A and E.  Since I could not find the anti-aging cream I went with U’s Anti-Wrinkle Skin Cream.  It has a lighter consistency and absorbs more quickly into my skin.  This cream also works well as a base under liquid foundation, blush and a finishing of powder.

The Percara Aloe and Cucumber Bath Foam and U’s Anti-Wrinkle Skin Cream cost $1.19 each and are available at Deal 99 cents and up in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.

Store Information:  Deal 99 cents and Up, 7109 Third Avenue, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.


Note:  This posting is for informational purposes only.  I do not receive any payment from the stores or from the manufacturers of products I write about.





Beauty on a Budget: A touch of lavendar

Lavender has a refreshing fragrance that many people find uplifting.  To see if I’d benefit from using this fragrance at bath time and having the fragrance in the air I bought a few inexpensive products to try out.


Lavender Chamomile Air Freshener by House Care releases a very light and pleasing fragrance into the kitchen and bath of my studio.  The fragrance is diffused by means of gelatin-like beads that absorb the fragrant liquid at the bottom of the jar.  As days and weeks pass, the beads become smaller as more fragrance is released into the air.  Eventually the beads become very tiny and can be disposed of.  The jar is recyclable.

I have two of the Lavender Chamomile Air Freshener jars right now.  At first the fragrance was very noticeable.  Two weeks later it is much more faint but every so often I do catch a whiff of it and find it still very pleasant.


Lavendar Body Wash by Lucky has a mild fragrance and works up into a light lather.  I like the lavender scent of this product but do not find the bubbles or the feel of using the gel as rich as I did the Green Tea Cucumber Body Wash by U (Universal Distribution Center).  It also did not leave my skin feeling as soft as I expected.  I think UDC’s line of Body Washes is a better choice even though the price is the same as Lucky’s line of Body Washes.


Dalan’s Lavender Thyme Liquid Hand Soap’s fragrance is an interesting combination that I enjoy using.  The soap lathers well and rinses off easily.  I did not find it drying.  It would be good if there was a hand lotion available with the same fragrance.  It is different from the usual fruity and floral fragrances available in hand lotions right now.  I think this would please others looking for a more unusual choice.  If the consistency of this hand soap was a little richer  I think it would be the basis of a good body wash, too.

I bought all three of these products at New Wang Fa Trading at 6926 4th Avenue in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.  I paid $1.00 for the Lucky Lavender Body Wash, $1.49 for the Home Care Lavender Chamomile Air Freshener and $1.19 for the Dalan Lavender Thyme Liquid Hand Soap.

Did my experiment using inexpensive, lavender scented products convince me the fragrance is uplifting?  Yes.  Will I spend more to buy a genuine lavender essential oil?  The answer is “Yes”!


Note:  This posting is for informational purposes only.  I do not receive any merchandise or remuneration from the manufacturers of products featured nor from the stores mentioned.

Beauty on a Budget: Enjoy little luxuries every day!

As the hot and humid days of Summer 2016 recede into the past I’ll remember how I sought enjoyment each morning and night at bath time.  One of my favorite products purchased over the summer is U’s Green Tea Cucumber Body Wash.  It makes a fragrant foam when used with a mesh body sponge.  I found the scent was very light and my skin was softer after the bath.  In the high heat and humidity using lotion after a bath or shower is not always an option.  The lotion does not absorb well into the skin on the days with highest humidity. This body wash was a good alternative. The 12 oz. bottle cost $1.19

After a leisurely bath, I used a rose scented dusting powder by Simply Sensual.  The texture of the talc is very fine.  The puff which comes with the powder is soft making the use of this product very pleasant.  At first the rose scent is noticeable but gradually fades.  I found that there was no clash between the green tea fragrance of the body wash and the rose fragrance of the dusting powder.  I do think that when one is using upscale products which are formulated for staying power, it’s best to consider the effect layering different scents creates.  The Simply Sensual powder, like the Green Tea Cucumber Body Wash, is an inexpensive product. This does not take away from the enjoyment you can get from using them. Simply Sensual dusting powder cost $1.19.  The container is attractive and can be used to store small items after the powder is used up.  I plan to use it for storing paper clips or straight pins.

I bought the dusting powder and body wash at:

Deal 99 Cents Store
7019 Third Ave.
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY
Tel:  718-759-9335

Deal 99 Cents Store also has bubble baths available for under $2.00 a bottle.

Note:  I do not receive any remuneration in goods or payment for these postings.  The content is strictly informational.  If you have allergies or sensitivities to any cosmetic or skin care product it is your responsibility to know what is good for your skin before you make a purchase.




Fashion on a Budget: Mix and Match boy shorts & tank tops

It’s August in Bay Ridge.  The Summer of 2016 has been very hot and very humid.  I decided it was time for a mid-season treat.  I needed a few outfits to wear around the studio during the days I work at home and on the weekends.

Deals and Discounts did not disappoint me when I found the cutest boy shorts and tank tops for $1.99 each.  Yes, that’s right:  $1.99 each.



The first selections I made were amongst the many patterned boy shorts available in cotton/poly or rayon/poly fabrics.  One print that I immediately put into my shopping basket was filled with cute yellow duckies against a royal blue background.


The patterned boy shorts were by Love 2  Sleep and the ones with graphic images made of words are by Just Love.  All have elastic drawstring low rider waistlines.


The tank tops by Citi-Wear are rib knits with a racer back.  They are true to size so you don’t have to worry that a small is too small or a large too large.  My size medium fits comfortably.

The huge plus to this current sale at Deals and Discounts is that all the Citi-Wear tank tops color coordinate with the Love 2 Sleep and Just Love boy shorts.  It just doesn’t get any better than that when you have to make a few pieces go a long way.  I recommend heading over to the Deals and Discounts in Bay Ridge as soon as possible.  These items won’t be on the racks for much longer.  They are too colorful and reasonably priced.

Deals and Discounts is located at 6912 Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn, NY.


Note:  I have no affiliation nor do I receive any compensation from the stores and manufacturers whose products I post about.

Beauty on a Budget: Light, fragrant body and face creams

Every woman needs a light moisturizer to keep her skin supple.  One that is lightly scented adds to the enjoyment of using the product.  I have very sensitive skin and am hesitant to spend a lot of money on a new skin care product.  I’m also unwilling to pay $20 and up for brands sold at chain drug stores.  To satisfy my needs I’ve tried experimenting with inexpensive products by testing them first on a small area of my neck or cheek.  To my surprise I have found a very good moisturizer that satisfies both my need for a light, absorbent moisturizer and one that has a pleasant fragrance.


Age Defying Skin Cream may not actually halt the aging process but I find it makes my skin smooth and soft after I use it.  It is very light and not at all greasy.  I can use it over my face and neck and even under my eyes without any irritation.  It contains Vitamins A & E according to the label.  I use it instead of a liquid make-up base and find that face powder and powder blush stay on my skin longer.


I also bought a jar of Cooling Aloe Skin Cream to use on my hands.  Now that winter is over I don’t need a heavy hand crème with ingredients like cocoa butter.  This cream works well as is very absorbent.  The Aloe leaf juice added to the product would, you think, make the price higher but it doesn’t.

Both of these skin creams are made by Universal Distributors, manufacturers of products for discount and dollar stores.  I bought mine at Deal 99 Cents Store, 7019 Third Avenue (near Ovington Avenue and 71 St.) in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.  The Age Defying Skin Cream cost $1.19 and the Cooling Aloe Skin Cream cost $1.29.  The packaging is lightweight plastic so there is no worrying about it slipping and breaking.  I’m very satisfied with both skin creams and recommend you give them a try.